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V5 ft. rachel mcadams

15 July

♥ DELICATEXTREME . Christine . Eighteen years old . College Freshman at Providence College . Math Major . Blonde . Loves life right now . Single, but looking for a relationship . Secure with herself and happy just the way she is . Pop culture junkie . Dedicated to school, but definitely knows how to party . Into fashion trends, but tries to put her own style into everything she wears . Alcoholic, and addicted to Sex on the Beaches . Never goes anywhere without her digital camera . Likes mostly Hip-Hop/Rap and Pop music, but into a lot of different bands . Obessed with Kelly Clarkson and Ashlee Simpson, and doesn't care if you don't like them . Loves working out . Cannot make it through the week without seeing Laguna, Real World, One Tree Hill, Making the Band, and the O.C. . Very outgoing, random, friendly, and accepting .

♥ FRIENDS ONLY . I'm not too picky about who I add, but I'm looking more for college-aged people, because I can relate to them better. But atleast be 16+ please. However, if you seem interesting, I'll definitely add you back!

♥ DUE CREDIT . Journal Header: enticingbliss ♥ Personality banner: twylite